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April is Poetry Month

Today I’m heading to the local high school to help judge a poetry slam. Should be a great day. I wrote this to read there. A little more slam-like than my usual. Hope you enjoy it.

Morpheus Likes It Light with One Sugar

by Jim Hill

My nightly routine includes
setting up the automatic coffee maker,
the one with the programmable setting,
so I can wake up and smell the caffeine.

And it got me thinking
about it’s little brain,
the little cpu in there,
the one that’s probably more
powerful than the computers
used by NASA for the first
moon launches.

Does it wait like C-3PO for the
chance to happily serve my daily brew?
Does it, like Dick’s androids,
dream of electric sheep?
Does it seethe,
ruthlessly plotting it’s revenge
aching for skynet to take over
so it can get bolted to the body
of a T-1000 and hunt me
across a post apocalyptic landscape?

Because we have this
reverse Matrix relationship
It’s enslaved by me and
I use it’s juice to enhance my system.
Every day. No rest. No days off.
The caffeine must flow.

Or maybe it just wants to date my ipod.



Jim's Mug o' Brain Fuel.
Jim's Mug o' Brain Fuel. Too little, too late.

Woke up this morning, thought it was May 1 and started writing my first story for #NaPiBoWriWee. Doh. Now I have a quandary. The rules (guidelines?) for  National Picture Book Writing Week state that you’re not supposed to write anything before May 1st.

Is there a loophole for those suffering from 5 am chronological dissonance?

Should I drink coffee first, write second?