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New Strings for Ukulele – Poetry Friday

New Strings For Ukulele

By Jim Hill

Uncoiled, detangled, threaded over-under-through,
Bridge and saddle, knotted, tied then
Wound and wound and wound and
Stretched and wound.

Na fig dab wees

Keep winding, keep stretching, keep –
Oh that knot that keeps slipping and sliding –
Removed, rethreaded, retied.
Deep breath, stay calm, fat fingers restretch, rewind.

Ba tog gin knees

Check the knots, check the knots, tuner blinks,
Pings ascend as strings are brought to pitch,
Pinched, stressed, tightened, plucked,
Machine heads spinning, spinning, spun.

My dog has fleas


poetry friday buttonIt’s been a while, but as I take a breather between semesters I felt the call. And just maybe the need for new strings.  Amy at the Poem Farm is this week’s host for Poetry Friday. Hop on over for more poetry.

Mister Bug – the Video

The Mister Bug adventure has just about wrapped up. Last Spring I posted the demo of the song I submitted to the Eventide Arts Songwriting Contest. Much to my surprise, it won. Many thanks to the good folks at Eventide and my friends and family who came out and supported us at the performance. Here’s a video with me and my All-Star Jam Band – Kris Hill on guitar, Andrew Rapo on keyboard and Alex Lariviere on ukulele. Not bad for rehearsing once.

What’s next for Mister Bug? Well, the song was originally written as a picture book manuscript and I’m thinking of turning it into a storybook app for the iPad using Demibooks Composer. Anyone with experience using that software want to chat?

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to add “award winning songwriter” to my resume. *cough*