Hats Off – Poetry Friday

I think anyone that ever played dress-up will have fun with this one. I have an extensive list of hats to add, so many stanzas to go before I sleep. Enjoy. Should it be a song? A picture book? Hmmm.

Hats Off

by Jim Hill

I like to play at make-believe
It’s kind of like my thing.
I often wear a lot of hats.
It’s good to be the King.

Some kids will sit around all bored.
Not me! I’ll fly a jet.
And if you think that sounds like fun,
Just wait. I haven’t started yet.

When I pull this hat down low
I’m standing on the mound,
Throwing balls and strikes so fast,
I break the speed of sound.

It’s fourth and long, two-minute drill,
I cinch my strap and say,
The game is on the line m’boys.
It’s time for our trick play!

In space they say no one can
Hear. Not true! I hear a lot;
Ground control, the President,
And my miniature robot.

Magnifying glass in hand,
Looking for the truth,
Discovering a chain of
Clues, I am a super sleuth.

If I wear this one with
Horns, maybe I can sing?
If you have the time for it,
We’ll take on Wagner’s Ring.

I have so many hats to try,
A chapeau a day for months,
And it would just be silly,
To wear them all at once.

I like to play at make-believe,
and seeing what I see,
In the mirror when I wear,
a hat that isn’t me.

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  1. Carol says:

    When the fourth graders are in specials, I love to sneak down to ECE and Kinder to watch our little guys!! you have captured their imaginary worlds perfectly!

  2. A tip of the beret to you, Jim! Very fun. This reminds me a little bit of Eileen Spinelli’s wonderful book, DO YOU HAVE A HAT? (I think it’s fun to wear several hats, as endorsed by your poem!)

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