The Empty Juice Box Blues – Poetry Friday

No, I don’t have a four-year old wunderkind that may, sometimes act up. Especially if there’s too much juice involved. Why do you ask?

The Empty Juice Box Blues

by Jim Hill

I’ve had me some timeouts,
My best friends are fools,
My teacher’s been on me,
For breaking the rules.

Don’t run in the classroom.
Keep your hands in your lap.
Sand’s not for throwing.
I’m caught in a trap!

There’s just no denying,
When something is true.
I’ve got the too-restless-for-nap-time.
Empty juice box blues.

Got pulled out of snack time,
For being a slob.
Had a small problem,
With a red jello blob.

Things didn’t go better,
At craft table time.
I turned my green paint
Into thick-booger-slime.

Now Mommy’s been called in,
Daddy’s coming too.
I’ve got the you’re-gonna-be-grounded
Empty juice box blues.


Elaine over at the Wild Rose Reader is hosting Poetry Friday this week. Pop over there and soak up some serious stanzas, couplets and stuff.


  1. What a fun poem, Jim! You get right into the child’s head with this one. I used to get things pinched out of my lunch box and passed around the table. One time someone put my biscuit in the goldfish bowl. Maybe I should write a poem about it !

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Catherine. This was definitely more me than my son. I hope.

      Sounds like you have great material for that poem. Do it!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Well, I do have a three year old granddaughter that is much caught up in the following of the rules, or in not following them, depending on the day. This part about the ‘I’ve got the too-restless-for-nap-time./
    Empty juice box blues.’ is true, true. Thanks for a great poem!

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