Monstrous – Poetry Friday


by Jim Hill

Up all night? Can’t sleep a wink?
What’s the trouble guys?
Do you think that squeaky shriek,
Could lead to your demise?

I’m no weirdo just because,
You find things too creepy.
The shadows from a leafless tree,
Only make me sleepy.

Important safety tips you ask?
Come closer don’t be shy.
I’ll help you with some pointers,
That you’re gonna wanna try.

If you really have to use,
The potty late at night,
Take a teddy bear (or two).
Watch out for things that bite.

If there’s creaking on the stairs
Get under covers fast.
Don’t let the creatures see you,
Or this night could be your last!

Thunder? Lightning? Gusty gales!
Storms shouldn’t make you frown,
Unless the power fizzles out,
and blackouts hit your town.

Empty space beneath the bed,
Can cause the blood to freeze.
Keep it dusty, never clean,
To hear the nasties wheeze.

Are my secrets helping you
To make it through the night?
Time to whisper, listen close,
And never take affright.

I know there are no monsters,
But when I close my eyes
I think there really are some
Waiting to surprise.

If your bravery runs away,
When somethings out to get you,
Holler loud for mom and dad,
And they’ll come to your rescue.

Irene is hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up this week. Take a look. Lots of great poets, poems and poetry info.


While you’re feeling the love for Poetry, take a look at the heartbreakingly funny “The Truth about Poets and Poetry” from Greg Pincus.


  1. I actually did have a monster (or more likely, a ghost) in my room once that froze me in terror until my voice finally got free and I could scream for Mommy and Daddy. Problem is, I was 18 at the time, so I never really lived that one down. Thanks for the retroactive comfort, though! 🙂

    Greg’s video is nutty.

  2. Mary Lee says:

    Okay. I was never afraid at night before your poem, but now I think I’ll have trouble ever getting to sleep again. Thanks. 😉

    Greg’s video? Hilarious.

    • Jim says:

      I can’t wait for you to share it with kids too! If you can, please let me know how it goes over with them. Thanks!

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Ruth. I thought even the nasty narrator might want to let his listeners off the hook. I imagined an older cousin trying to scare his little cousins, and then realizing that perhaps he’d taken it a bit too far.

  3. Irene Latham says:

    Jim, your poem is wonderful. I love the idea of embracing storms, those “gusty gales.” And as for Greg’s video, if only we could pay for food with poetry! Thanks for sharing both.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Doraine. The no-vaccum solution seems quite popular with parents. And me! Dust bunnies to the rescue! Ohhh, that might be the start of a new poem…

  4. Ha! Favorite stanza:

    Empty space beneath the bed,
    Can cause the blood to freeze.
    Keep it dusty, never clean,
    To hear the nasties wheeze.

    Now I have another excuse for shoddy housekeeping:>)

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