Intentional Schmaltz

This started out as a joke that I decided to see all the way through. 30 Rock did a parody of the Wiggles recently (Meet the Woggels), with incredibly cheesy (yet very funny) songs. I decided to riff on that idea a bit, because of my long repressed dream of being an actual Wiggle.

Viola, schmaltz with unicorns and extra cheese. Because the internet demanded it. Now to write the musical version!


BTW – this week’s Poetry Friday is happening over at Random Noodling. I wonder if they’ll forgive me?

Sing a Song of Unicorns!

by Jim Hill

Just because it’s cloudy
Is no reason to be sad.
Go find the silver lining,
There’s goodness to be had.

When you crack a smile,
Should you dare to break a grin,
The sun shines bright inside your heart,
Your eyes light from within.

Take it one step further,
Start to quake with secret mirth,
Don’t keep it in, that laugh
you hide was made to shake the earth.

Open up your mouth to sing,
Put the kibosh to that pout,
Spread your cheeks with melody
and let a rainbow out.

Once your colors light the sky
You’ll see through the sharp thorns.
And the tunes that you create
Will call forth unicorns.



    • Jim says:

      My Wiggle aspirations a re a long-running joke in my house. Might as well share it with the world. Think about it. How bad a day coud a Wiggle have? Singing silly songs to happy kids? How can you beat that for job satisfaction?

    • Jim says:

      I drive through Good Sense, take a left at Silly and just keep going. That or polishing off the leftover Easter candy.

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