Driveway Basketball – Poetry Friday

This week’s Poetry Friday offering is the result of three faculty lectures from my VCFA residency. Mary Quattlebaum’s lecture Creating A Dynamic Setting, Martine Leavitt’s The Novel in Verse and Sharon Darrow’s Poetry: A Messy Business. I’m not sure I’ve done them justice. Perhaps they’ll appreciate the effort just the same.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is on the Wild Rose Reader this week.

Driveway Basketball

by Jim Hill

Jackets off in October sun,
Tossed to the mossy lawn.

Been playing for a while,
We are good and sweaty.

Ball thuds a muted ring
With every dribble.

I make my move,
Shoulder down,
driving hard.

Randy flows with me.
A truck rumbles by.

I plant my foot,
Sliding in sandy-grit,
Rolling into the garage door.
Face first.

Springs flex, hinges

Blood fills my mouth.



  1. Linda Baie says:

    I like that ‘Randy flows with me/a truck rumbles by’. The poem is filled with action, until it stops so fast, without two points, but something else. Not what I would have predicted. Nice poem!

  2. Love what Mary Lee said…”Face first. Tasting blood!”

    For Jan. 27th’s Poetry Friday, is in with a discussion about awards and a poem about (what else?) WINNING!

    Thanks for hosting, Jim!

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