Jumping Into Poetry Friday

I recently discovered Poetry Friday (thanks Greg Pincus!) and will be hosting it at then end of January. Today I get my feet wet with this piece, from an adolescent’s POV. There is a tight rope walked when you want to be hugged, but are kind of embarrassed by your parents. Growth, change, finding your place in the ever embiggening world. I tried to capture a glimpse of that confusion here. Hope you like it.


by Jim Hill

Sometimes I don’t know
What I am at all.

Am I an elephant
Or a basketball?

Sometimes I’m too big
To tuck in just right.

Sometimes it seems
I shrink from sight.

The world is full up,
With folks that fit.

And then there’s me;
Just a little bit.

photo credit Ylog

Be sure to visit this week’s host,the Book Aunt, for the more Poetry Friday goodness.


  1. Lynda Shoup says:

    As always, you not only delight, but also educate. I am fascinated by the Poetry Fridays. Looking forward to checking it out and seeing you host.

    Your poem captured that middle grade feeling. To tell the truth, I think the feelings you captured are more universal than we would like to believe. Though they are typical for middle graders, adults are hardly immune. Naturally, this just ups the appeal of your poem.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Mary Lee! Proper credit for “embiggens” goes to the Simpsons, but it’s a word that has worked it’s way into my vocabulary.

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