Final Poetry Friday of 2011

It’s the final Poetry Friday of 2011. This week’s host is Julie Larios, please visit her site to read all of the fascinating Poetry Friday posts. You’ll find new poems, essays and reviews of all things poetical in the links. Good stuff!

This week’s poem was influenced by a late night with sleepless preschooler, Jack Prelutsky and JonArno Lawson. I wanted to start every word with the letter W. Why W? I don’t know. It was late. Very late. I added the opening stanza after the fact, breaking the W rule, as the idea morphed into something bigger. More on that next week. Don’t you love a teaser?


by Jim Hill

Late at night,
In long hand,
In a secret journal,
Willa wrote and wondered.

Wicked Willoughby Woodward wandered with wanton Wanda,
Wicked Willoughby Woodward whispered with wanton Wendy,
Wicked Willoughby Woodward whistled with wanton Whitney.

Willfully, wanton women.
Wicked Willoughby Woodward.
Why? Why? Why?



Want to jump-start your 2012 poetry output? Check out Kathryn Apel’s Month of Poetry challenge – a poem a day for the month of January.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year!

photo credit JoelMontes


    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Julie. Poor Willa. She’s got a big comeback planned.

      Vermont will be great. Right? Right? Packing, panicking and planning proceed apace.

  1. david e says:

    i suspect willoughby is possessed by multiple personalities. all of those double-you’s.

    ah, vermont. be sure to grab those chocolate chip cookies when they’re available to keep in your room for late-night snacking. stay hydrated. remember to breathe. and enjoy camp vcfa!

    • Jim says:

      “grab those chocolate chip cookies” – this is the kind of insider info that makes or breaks the residency. And now I want a Camp VCFA t-shirt. Thanks!

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