A Father’s Day Poem

isaac-baby-handOn Father’s Day

On Father’s Day
the sound
of feet
running to
your room
is a wonderful thing.

On Father’s Day
breakfast with your son
squirming in your lap
elbowing you
in the head
and eating your fruit
is a wonderful thing.

On Father’s Day
thinking about your Dad,
wondering about the things
you might’ve shared
if life had been different,
is a troubling thing.

On Father’s Day
being the Dad you
wished you had,
breathing in each moment,
being a Dad at all,
is a wonderful thing.




    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Mike! We are having a great day. Hope you and your children have a Captain Stupendous day of your own too!

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Julie. It makes me a bit anxious posting such personal work and photos, but it’s also nice to share it.

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