That’s So Maven!

There’s a running joke between my day job friends and I about folks who call themselves Social Media Mavens, Gurus or Pros. The point being that, to our jaded, web-veteran eyes, many of these folks are hucksters (not you of course). I figured I’d get in front of this one, stop the jokes before they start and practice my Mock Fu (self-mock to block the mock). And I just realized how offensive Mock Fu sounds when spoken aloud. Awesome.

Anyway, after that long, defensive and mildly funny intro…

On March 16th, 2011 I’ll be leading a presentation and discussion on “Social Media for Writers” at Writers Night Out, the monthly gathering of the scribes put on by the Cape Cod Writers Center. It’s at Uno’s so you know it’ll be classy. I’ll discuss why a writer should bother with social media and run through examples using Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

Bring your questions, insights and an abiding passion for pizza and bad jokes.

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