Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I’ll admit it, I gave up on this one. Way back in December I entered this contest on KOrtizzle’s blog. In January I learned I was the winner, and then all kinds of USPS shenanigans intervened. I was sure the gods had consigned this package to postal purgatory. But, lo and behold, it arrived!

The Tor Books Prize Pack!
The Tor Books Prize Pack!

Maybe I ran around like Navin Johnson on phonebook day. Maybe I opened the package, grabbed a snack and started a weekend read-a-thon. Maybe I answered a million questions from a curious three year old wondering about those guys on the cover with swords. Maybe it was a little of all three.

Whatever I did then, what I’m doing now is sending a proper thanks out to Kathleen Ortiz for the prize. Check out her blog, the Never Ending Page Turner (she offers a lot more than contests – although the contests are great), subscribe to her podcast, and maybe, just maybe, send off a query. You do need an agent, right?

The books in this prize pack look great, and two I had come close to buying already.

I’ve become a big Brandon Sanderson fan since he stepped in to wrap up the Wheel of Time series. He doesn’t get enough praise for straightening out that tangled mess o’ plots, if you ask me. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) has great buzz and I have high hopes for a great new “must-read” series.

The Half-Made World is the other on my “to buy” list. The distinctive cover caught my eye and the jacket copy drew me in (good job, Tor).

The Last Page is not a book I’d heard of, to be honest, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? The online reviews look promising and I’m always looking for new authors to love. And share with friends.

So, thanks again Kathleen!

p.s. Tor, I’ve got Tiassa on pre-order and I’m counting down the days.


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