The #MoP Don’t Stop

I’m having a great time with the Month of Poetry challenge put together by Kat Apel. Writing a poem per day has been fun and I’ve been bouncing between styles, formats and subject matter. Yesterday’s was an ode to those Friday night Dungeon & Dragons games of my youth (Hey, you try and come up with twenty-two days of interesting subjects sometime).

Besides, if Patton Oswalt can make base a career on being a nerd/geek/dork, I can weigh in to the topic too.

I Was a Teenage Nerd

bounce and spiral
across the table
our stand-in for
the dungeon floor

tiny lead heroes
arrayed to
simulate our
assault on the

the dragon that
breathes a deadly
cone of fire

that melees for
more damage than
a mid-level
ranger can take

make a save
check your hit points
stuff handfuls
of sugary goodness
down your throat
guzzle caffeinated soda
stay up until 3 am
or later

battling the forces
of evil
hauling in troves
of treasure
turning Friday nights
into epic

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