The Query Contest Continues…

The query contest at Adventure’s in Children’s Publishing is still going on. They’re an amazing crew for taking on the challenge of a contest over several weeks with fifty writers. Hats off to some serious left brain organizational skills!

This week they’re looking at our log lines, the one sentence description of your book. It’s a tough thing to do, but it makes you really focus on the most essential elements of your protagonist and the plot. Here’s mine with a link to their site, in case you want to comment there (of course, you’re welcome to comment here too).

The clock is ticking on sixth-grader Marshall who must face the bully, survive gym and outwit his evil sister to get to his favorite class with his skin, his pride and his clarinet intact.

I’ve already had some great comments from Nikki Katz (the mentor for my cohorts in this contest), Slushpile Slut, and Jess but as real glutton for attention I want more.

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