Poster for NESCBWI

Change, change, change
Click to see a slideshow of the process. Then come back and comment, right?

Here’s my entry for the poster showcase for NESCBWI 2010. The theme for the conference is “Moments of Change” and I bounced through several serious approaches before deciding to go with my silly, silly gut. I’m chagrined I didn’t start earlier, but happy I can do this in one busy frantic day of focused activity.

Really looking forward to seeing all the posters on display. I’m usually blown away and rocked with feelings of inadequacy, but it’s great to see how other poeple interpret a theme.


  1. Jim says:

    Thanks! I think I might revisit the idea as a poster series or trading card sized illustrations. 65 might be a tad ambitious, but 6 to 12 sounds reasonable.

    Any suggestions for misunderstood moments in history or science?

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