NaPiBoWriWee, Days 1 & 2.

Two days into NaPiBoWriWee and I’m clicking on all cylinders. Using my favorites from the ideas hatched during NaPiBoIdMo is an enormous help. For one, I have seven ideas that I like on tap. For two, these ideas have been kicking around my noodle for a long time so I can site down with some sense of direction and just write.

My approach has been very simple and that’s helped too. I make a quick outline; beginning, middle and end. I then write for the three acts. This isn’t necessarily artful prose, this is a rough first draft. Beauty, simplicity, character and themes can all be drawn out of it later. This week is about capturing that “shitty first draft” as Ann Lamont calls it.

Just for fun, and maybe a nice comment or two ( hey I can fish for feedback), here are the openings to the two stories written so far this week.

Day 1:

Spenser’s Pencil

“You have ONE hour to do you homework. No computer, no games, no phone calls. Do you understand me, mister?”

The door slammed and Spenser was left alone in his room, cut off from the outside world, just a boy and his homework. He looked at the worksheets on his desk and reached for his pencil. It rolled away.

Day 2:

The Adventures of Li’l Mister Monkey and Sailor Boy

It started as a joke, as so many things do.

“Let’s sail to the moon!” said Sailor Boy.

Li’l Mister Monkey thought it was a terrific idea, and soon they were plotting a course using sea charts and star maps.

Five days to go, five stories to write. It’s a fun ride, and I hope you’re finding success with your work too.


  1. Fantastic start Jim! I love the beginning of the Day 1 story. Why did the pencil roll away? You’ve got me hooked.

    I am also using my ideas from NaPiBoIdMo in November. I’m finding day 2 of NaPiBoWriWee a little difficult. To be honest I’ve started ms #2 and ms #3 but I haven’t finished either one yet. At least I have a full ms from Day 1.

    Well the kids are back in bed so it’s time to write.

  2. Kat Apel says:

    Great job, Jim. I’m a little envious of all you NaPiBoIdMo participants. I didn’t know about it, so don’t have that bank of ideas to draw on – or the ‘sit’ time for ideas to simmer and form in your mind. Brain is twinging at times, from the strain. Have 2 down, and about to start number 3…

    My Day One I was a lot like Auntie Flamingo’s – had 4 on the go at one stage. Hope to get back to them during the week.

    Keep writing!

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks, Auntie, that pencil has a mind of its own, and it doesn’t like homework. Hope the kids let you get some writing in today between naps and Backyardigans it’s hard to squeeze it all in.

    Kat, ‘m sure you’ll rock through the week and cranks out some great stories tat will get better through revision. Do you sketch and storyboard the ieas while you work. or are you “simply” writing them out?

    I’m trying to just write, but will sketch some ideas just to capture the flavor or character a bit. Switching between can help with the simmering.

  4. Lynda Shoup says:

    Jim, you have a wonderful picture book voice. The beginnings you posted show a story which would be great for reading aloud. I hope I’ll be able to see the finished stories some day.

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