NaPiBoWriWee 2010

There’s been a flurry of sketchbook activity and notebook reviewing as I get ready for NaPiBoWriWee 2010, founded by the amazing Paula Yoo. That’s National Picture Book Writing Week 2010 for the acronym challenged.

To get ready I revisited my notes and ideas from Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month. Seriously did I have to spell that one out too?). To my great surprise, tucked away in that little Google Docs file were a number of solid ideas for a productive week of picture book writing. I’ve also added a few more since then in sketchbooks, text files, napkins and post-its. Enough so that I feel great about seven FIRST DRAFTS in seven days.

Did you see the ALL CAP emphasis? That’s because this is about getting those rough first drafts down for revision. Later. Paula says it quite nicely, allow me to borrow her words for a minute:

Having said that… I want everyone to have fun with this! I’m not expecting Shakespeare or “Goodnight Moon.” This is an attempt to encourage people to finally write that picture book they’ve been dreaming of… please think of this as a fun opportunity to brainstorm and finally write that first rough draft that you can go back to later and revise and improve upon. So often we  procrastinate or convince ourselves that our idea for a picture book is not “good enough.” So NaPiBoWriWee is a fun way to have everyone GO FOR BROKE and write 7 picture books in 7 days and see what happens!

Sounds like a great idea.

The hardest part of the next ten days will be following one of the other rules; no pre-writing. Brainstorming, outlining, and I assume sketching, are allowed, but save the text for that week. Well, my brain is storming away. I’ll be ready to hit the keys on May 1. How about you?


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