Sense & Sociability

Miss Jane, a secret identity.
Miss Jane, a secret identity.

My good friend, Beth Dunn, has launched a new blog series at Hubspot focused on online etiquette titled Sense & Sociability . Beth is a big nerd and has somehow found a way to tie her love of social media in with her love of Jane Austen. Odd as that pairing may sound, the column rocks and we get off lucky. She could have paired social media with unicorns, knitting or show tunes.

When the idea came up she emailed me to ask for help. With a subject line of, “Hey, Mr. Awesome Logo Guy” she got my attention (oh, vanity…). We exchanged a few more emails, ideas, color schemes (HubSpot orange!) and the illustration sprang to life.

She’s taking questions now, so email her with your online etiquette conundrums and you just may have them answered by an expert. Me? I’m waiting on the post about auto-dm’s, replies and ‘bots called Sense and Sociability and Zombies.

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