It Pays To Be Lucky

My grandmother won things. Never anything life-changing, like Powerball, just contests held by local grocery stores, or school raffles. Enough so that you’d say she was lucky. Fun fact – she could walk into a a clover patch, bend down and effortlessly pick out a four-leaf clover. That was always cool when I was kid. Heck, I think it’s pretty cool now.

I think some of that luck has been passed down to me. I win the little things too. Door prizes, “Guess the number of gumballs”, things like that. The little things.

Last week I got lucky again. By posting a comment on her blog I won a Synopsis Critique from Kathleen Ortiz of Lowenstein Associates. This sure feels like a big thing to me.

I’m new to writing. Well, new to writing with the intent of being published. A couple of summers ago I decided to take a “Creative Vacation” at the end of August and attended a local writer’s conference. They had week long classes on writing a picture book led by Judith Moffatt, and Writing Comic Books with Peter David (blog | wikipedia). That was a life-changing week for me (I’ll tell you why in a future post).

Since then I’ve been baby-stepping towards publication, writing more and surprising myself that the well of ideas seems to be a lot deeper than I ever thought. As anyone starting out knows, though, writing is only one part of the equation. Somehow you have to get noticed.

Maybe my grandmother’s luck has given me that chance. I don’t expect any miracles, just the little things. At worst, I’m going to get professional feedback on a story that I love. At best? Well, miracles do happen. Come to think of it, that’s not such a little thing after all.

Off to the clover patch. Wish me luck!

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